Health careers in the mountains? Yes!
Health students at Palm Springs Aerial Tram Students in the Canyon Springs Health Careers Academy (HCA) got an eye-opening look at health careers they might want to pursue that provide a break from office work.

On their recent field trip to the Palm Springs Aerial Tram and Taquitz Peak, HCA seniors learned about the health career opportunities and educational requirements for employment with the Palm Springs Emergency Medical Services and the National Park Service.

Here, Ashley Facio (rescuer) and Kimmy Zapata (patient) get hoisted into the air by their HCA peers to learn some of the duties of EMTs and rangers employed through the Park Service.

They also learned about the equipment those responders have to pack into the back country to treat symptoms and injuries related to hypothermia, falls, heart attacks and the many other health-related issues specific to high altitudes and cold temperatures.

Great informational trips like these are just one of the reasons the CSHS HCA was honored recently as one of the very best high school career academies in California!